Our story

This is the story about a small seed who became a tree.
It knows the way to the sun. With branches strong enough to lift you up.
Do you feel it ? It close enough to reach. We planted it just for you.

Get to know us

"Inner Bliss Travels is devoted to make spiritual growth and traveling available for a bigger group. We offer traveling beyond tourism. We believe that traveling is a great way to get in touch with your spirituality. Which is great, but it also raises the question where to go, what to see and what to do? You might even be disappointed when you get there. We're glad to say we made spiritual traveling accessible and easy by guiding you through the whole process and saving you all the planning and figuring out what to do, where to go, which places to go see etc. We’ve handpicked and arranged a lot of Spiritual Activities exercises and excursions customized to the specific country you're traveling to. We've found the most beautiful places around the world. Not to forget you'll always be more than comfortable wherever we're staying and we'll make sure you have everything you need. We've only selected the best of the best. We feel like all of these aspects creates the ultimate experience and makes you able to grow towards your highest potential. What's your job in this? Pack your suitcase and show up at the airport. Relax we got you. From start to finish. To make spiritual growth also accessible from home we offer coaching. We are specialized in coaching from a holistic and spiritual point of view. We loved to help you get to the place of your dreams. Or maybe even beyond that place that you’ve always dreamed about. Let’s get to that place of inner bliss."

With love

Inner Bliss Travels

"Meet Chanti Calmez the founder of Inner bliss travels. During her world trip she fell in love with the spiritual side of the countries and realized traveling is a great way to grow, release, connect ,heal, surrender and dive deeper into your being. So she devoted her world trip based on that aspect to find  the hidden spiritual treasures behind tourism. She brought home Inner bliss. But also felt like the best kind of bliss is the bliss you can share. That urge was the starting foundation of Inner Bliss Travels which resulted in creating a way to make spiritual growth more accessible. Whether you combine this with a trip or you start from home."

With love

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