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Are you ready to grow and bloom?

Congratulations for already being here! This is already a big step in your commitment to yourself.
Let’s grab this opportunity and use it for a unique chance to dive inwards! To travel deep into your own inner world, and check in with yourself. Let’s take care of ourselves first. Now is the time to embrace ourselves with the unconditional love and care only our inner selves can offer.

Whether it is creating more self-love, transforming negative patterns in your life, creating a deeper connection with self, getting more out of life, living a more healthy and fulfilled life, learning how to listen to yourself and your heart more, or any other life goal you might have. We are here for you.

We create a lot of coping mechanisms in life. These coping mechanisms are there to help us. Coping mechanisms are actually ways to prevent us from getting hurt. And they can go as far as completely cuttings us off from our feelings. Whatever is needed to keep us safe. However often these copings mechanism also prevent us from getting to our highest self-expression in life. They served their purpose at the time you created them. However, now they are preventing us to get to our highest self-expression in this life. They prevent us from loving fully and completely, feeling

Together with you, we look at the coping mechanism that you’ve placed in your life and see what they are asking from you. Why were they placed there in the first place and what purpose did they serve. Let’s sit with the hurt they are preventing your to feel and then see what is needed to feel safe without these coping mechanisms.

Together with you, we would like to stand still for a minute. Dive deep, and find that place where the discomfort lies. Let’s refocus on the parts of life where you want to expand, grow and bloom. Let’s dig up all that potential that has been there all along. Do you see it? We see it! Where do you want to go, where do you want to be in this beautiful journey called life? Let’s go there and beyond. Let’s get ready to grow and bloom!


What to expect from your coaching. We work from a holistic point of view. This means that we believe that body, mind, and spirit are all connected and are constantly affecting each other. During our coaching, we will include every part of the body, mind, and spirit in every step. We developed a 5 step coaching method. During these 5 steps, you will get different types of homework exercises that we’ll guide you through.

  • Step 1: The first exploring coaching call is free. We want you to really get an idea if the coaching of Inner Bliss Travels is a match for you. During our first coaching call, we’ll make an inventory of your personal goals and dreams and where you want to be after the coaching. Let’s explore together and dig a little deeper. What is it that you really want? We will use different tools to make an inventory of your unique strengths, successes, passions, and accomplishments. Your unique strengths will be the compass on which we will start building your coaching journey. If it feels right then we’ll start the commitment together.
  • Step 2: Let’s make a plan together. Together we will choose the techniques that will get you to your goals and dreams. Every week you’ll get personalized exercises. We recommend setting daily time aside to work on the exercises. The coaching sessions are there for you weekly but it is just a way to guide you so you can guide yourself. This coaching journey is one of self-healing. So we ask you to start this commitment to yourself and make it a priority in your life.
  • Step 3: From here we will dive into the uncomfortable places. Together with your strengths, we will start to work on your goals. We will use homework exercises, (guided) meditation, energy work, light language, affirmations, breathwork, vision boards, inner child work, and journaling. During step 3 we will have an evaluation moment to see if we are on the right track or if we need to readjust your plan. Every week we’ll adjust your exercises accordingly.
  • Step 4: We’ll work towards the integration of everything you’ve learned over the past few weeks. How can you integrate all of your newfound wisdom in your new life.
  • Step 5: Our last step is to reflect on your process. Together we will make a plan to continue your started process and imply it in your daily life.


  • Free first exploring coaching call
  • Personalized homework exercises
  • Guided meditations
  • Inner child work

During this process, our coach Chanti will be there with you. Let’s get to know her…

Chanti is known as a warmhearted person with her attention in the right place. Her specialty lies in creating a safe space where you can easily open up. In this safe space, she dares you to dive within. Dive into places where you may have been afraid to look.

With more than 10 years of experience as a social worker and life coach. She is a certified (NOBCO) coach. During her career, she has coached many people to see the potential within themselves and step into their highest potential in this life. With her positive and loving energy, she is able to help you feel safe and reach your highest potential. Chanti works from a holistic point of view. Your body, mind, and spirit are all connected. Our bodies talk if we refuse to listen to the mind and spirit. It’s time to listen to what it has to say. Chanti is an intuitive holistic coach. Sometimes we create a disconnection in our bodies, because of this disconnection we can’t hear it speak. Chanti reads the energy in your body and sees where you have energetic blockages and what is needed to release them.


It is possible to pay in parts.
Mental health is important. For you and the people around you. Also in the workplace. Have you asked at work for this investment in yourself?

In case you want to commit to a 6 or 12-month home journey please contact us for a special package price.

Combining coaching with a trip?

Although we might be traveling in a group, we are still separate individuals with different dreams, goals, needs, life’s and life stories. We are there for all of you!
Striving for each and every one of you to reach your personal goals. We support you to get the best out of your life-journey. We support you by completing what you had in mind, or maybe even more than what you expected. We always see potential. Let’s get it clear that personal coaching is always a choice, if you are going for it, we will be here for you to make sure you’ll reach your highest potential during this journey. Inner Bliss travels is unique for the personal focus on the needs of you as an individual, even in a group! We invite you to open up to us and share in what part of life you want to grow and bloom.

We hope you are as excited as us! For more information we can plan an orientation meeting. This meeting is on us. Are you ready to grow and bloom? We are ready if you are.. Let’s start!



7 coaching session
90 minutes



10 coaching sessions
90 minutes



6 months journey
90 minutes



1 year journey
90 minutes
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