Step 0 | Let's talk about it

This step is optional. We discuss your needs, wishes, dreams, aspirations and/or doubts. Together we will find the journey that suits you best.

Step 1 | Congratulations

You’ve made the decision to start your journey towards Inner Bliss. Let the fun begin.

Step 2 | Let's get it clear

To get the most out of your upcoming journey. We're gonna work out what it is that you would like to get out of your journey. This will set the foundation for step 3 in which we'll dive more deeper into this aspect.

Step 3 | Personal Coaching

This step is optional. Depending on if you have chosen personal coaching.

Step 4 | Let's go

if you’ve (also) booked a trip you’ll embark on your journey.

Step 5 | Relax

You're on vacation!

Step 6 | Return home

For the travelers who have personal coaching in their package (for after the journey ) you'll continue personal coaching for another 2 months.

Step 7 | Congratulations

You've reached your final destination Destination Inner Bliss. We hope to see you again for another journey

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