After darkness there will be light.

We are slowly starting to find our way in to “the new normal”. And we are eager to travel again, safely of course. We from Inner Bliss Travels are here for you to offer you a safe traveling experience.

COVID has been preventing us from many of our beloved travels. Inner Bliss Travels will therefore only start our travels again mid-2021. Due to safety reasons we will only travel to a country when it is safe to do so. New regulations are being put in place now because of COVID. Countries are now experimenting with how to let tourist in safely again. And we from Inner Bliss Travels are monitoring that and are taking our own precautions.

Because of all the new rules and regulations of COVID, traveling with an organization might feel more comfortable. We’ll be there for you to guide you in the safest way possible with specific information about safe traveling in that specific country. Prior to your travel we will send you an e-mail with the safety precautions and recommendations of that specific country.

Because of COVID things might change fast. So we have special COVID cancelation policies.  So did you already book one of our journey’s and due to COVID it is not possible to go anymore. Just contact us and you will receive your money back or a coupon to use for one of our upcoming trips.

Are you still uncertain? Give us a call! Or you can always start with the one of the Inner Bliss Travels coaching packages before you book one of our journey’s. Therefore you will be extra ready to travel to inner bliss whenever you feel safe enough to travel again.

We are looking forward to welcome you soon on one of our upcoming journey’s.

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