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12 May 2023 - 14 May 2023


Let your soul shine retreat


Let´s dive in 

We will make sure that you will feel a powerful healing energy from the moment you arrive. That this energy will be healing to your soul. Let’s tap into this energy and deepen our spirituality. Our current society is not designed for us to fully thrive in. To fully step into our highest potential, where we can thrive, and be joyful, happy and blissful. This is why it is necessary to put extra focus on self-care and self-love routines in our lives. However, with the busyness of everyday life. It doesn’t become easier to prioritize your well-being and your own needs. This is why we’ve created a let your soul shine retreat. So you can pull away, disconnect from your everyday responsibilities and reconnect with your soul. Let’s listen to what it is that your soul really needs right now. During this retreat, we have picked activities that will help you disconnect from all the wants and needs of society around you and reconnect with your own soul. So you can hear what it has been asking from you and what it needs to thrive in your life.

This journey offers you a unique chance to grow, release, heal, and surrender in an environment firmly rooted in spirituality.

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What’s on the menu

For a deep transformation we need to work with the psychical body, the energy body, the mind, and the soul. So our program is designed in a way where we put attention on all four. During this weekend the following activities will be done to support all levels of healing.

• Cacao (optional Rapeh) ceremony. Cacao is a beautiful plant medicine and a powerful heart opener. There are countless health benefits of ceremonial cacao. Cacao releases dopamine and endorphins increasing blood flow to the brain, which strengthens focus and awareness (prevents brain fog) and helps detoxify your body. Just to name a few things. Next to the physical benefits the plant spirit of cacao is here to help us connect deeper to our emotional body and our soul. She is here to hold you and gently show you what is ready to be felt, released, or celebrated. Move you into joy, love, and radiance. She can also help you to deepen your connection with your higher self, angels, and spiritual realms. Rapeh is a plant medicine from the jungle made by the tribes. Rapeh is made of sacred tobacco leaves, also called Mapacho. Mapacho is another strong plant spirit here to guide and connect with you. Mapacho is mixed with other sacred plants (depending on the type of Rapeh). It is then burned in a ceremonial fire and turned into powder form. Rapeh also has countless health benefits. It purifies blood, clears the brain, helps to get rid of excess mucus, clears flu and cold symptoms, reliefs tension and pain in the body, expands lungs, and allergy relief. Just to name a few. Next to the physical health benefits the plant spirit is also here to clear mental and emotional blockages, bring you back into your body, and help you identify and release mental loops. It can also help you to deepen your connection with your higher self, angels, and spiritual realms.

• Breathwork. The breath is a beautiful way into our bodies. Always showing us what’s there. If we’re able to connect with it. Whenever our nervous systems are out of balance often one of the first things that will give you that signal is your breath. It will become more shallow and up into your chest. Your breath does that with a good reason. It is trying to help you energize by taking quicker inhales and shorter exhales. It is helping you not connect with the things that you’re avoiding feeling. Deep belly breaths, often show you everything that is there within your physical and emotional body. So breathwork is a powerful way to show you all of the things that you’ve been avoiding. We’ll be here to support you all the way through. Breathwork also has countless health benefits for your body. It releases toxins from your body, increases your energy levels, eliminates pain, improves sleep, helps with your digestion, strengthens your lungs, and decreases stress. Just to name a few.


When you quiet the mind the soul will speak

We believe in the power of meditation. However, not everybody is able to meditate in silence for 1 hour straight. That’s why we offer a variety of meditation practices. Like dance meditation, guided meditation, etc. etc.. Meditation can be an extremely powerful tool. That’s why we will have daily meditation sessions. But let’s not make it more complicated than it is. We’ll make it accessible to all. Let’s close our eyes in order to look inside and experience the stillness we call inner peace. Let’s find the places where it hurts. Let´s heal and overcome fear and heartache. Let’s take care of ourselves in a way we were not able to in our busy lives. We are all great and magnificent. Let´s surrender to our own greatness surrender to the unlimited unconditional love living inside of us and get back to the center of our being. Now is the time to embrace ourselves with the unconditional love and care only our inner selves can offer. Inner Bliss Travels is specialized in meditation and will guide you all the way through this process in which you’ll find meditation might be just as important as the food we consume.


Extremes are easy, strive for balance

Hatha & yin yoga. Hatha yoga is all about balancing your body and mind. It is super important for a transformation to take place that we include movement in our physical body. Often energies are stored there. By movement we allow our body to bring up stored energy and let it move through our bodies again. By adding some exercising we allow all the feel-good hormones to be released in our body and this supports the regulation of our nervous system. We can’t do anything with the mind if we don’t include the body. Yin yoga is amazing for restoring our nervous system. As previously described, our bodies store a lot of trauma, emotions, tension, and feelings. By holding and staying in poses longer, yin yoga is specially designed to help you feel into those and release them. Yoga is a dance between control and surrender. Between pushing and letting go.  It means rebirth, unification, and control. Yoga teaches you control of your body and mind. Therefore it automatically deepens our connection between those two aspects. It also makes us unify with the higher power. Which raises the question who are you in connection to the world? You might already have found your place or maybe you’re still looking to find that answer. Let´s find out and connect.  Because all of these aspects are involved, we at Inner Bliss Travels firmly believe yoga is a great way for taking care of your emotional and physical health all at the same time. Not to mention, yoga also reduces stress, lowers blood pressure and is great for dealing with depression and anxiety, makes you flexible, and has a great effect on your daily sleep. Do we need to say more?


Inspiration feeds the soul 

We like to inspire you true our transformational exercises in which we focus on growing and expanding our spiritual growth and connecting with your inner child to create a deeper connection with your core self. We’d also like to inspire your self-love which automatically means self-care. We hope we inspire you to grow, release, explore, and heal. • Inner child- shadow- and self-love work So many of our copings mechanism or patterns in our lives have been formed in childhood. It is crucial that we understand when our inner child is active. Our weekend wouldn’t be complete if we wouldn’t include some inner child awareness and inner child work. Shadow work sounds depressing and scary to many. However, we will never be able to love ourselves fully and completely if we aren’t aware of our shadows. To be aware of our shadows is one. But how to love even those parts of ourselves that seem unlovable? Self-love isn’t complete if we only love the fun, easy, happy parts of ourselves. So to dive deep into self-love we will integrate all of these parts of us. Be willing to see all of us and to work with different self-love practices to help us increase self-love.


We’re here for you

What makes Inner Bliss travels stand out is the way we have eyes for the individual needs of each person. We invite you to open up to us and share what it is you want to accomplish, and where your struggles and strengths lay. This way we can offer you the best personal coaching trough out your journey. Although we might be in a group we are still separate individuals with different dreams, goals, needs, lives, and life stories. We see you. And we’re striving for each and every one of you to reach your personal goals. We are rooting for you to get from this journey what you had in mind or maybe even more than you expected. We always see the potential. Our power lies in the aspect that we take time for every single individual willing to open up and share. There will be 2 spaces holders, all trained trauma-informed, holistic coaches We will be here for you to make sure you’ll reach your highest potential during this journey.


Let’s go beyond the surface

We’ve handpicked and arranged a lot of spiritual activities customized to the specific country you’re traveling to. This way you will have the ultimate experience and you’ll be able to grow toward your highest potential. Which creates a unique chance to grow, release, heal, and surrender. We’ve also arranged our own spiritual exercises like breathwork, rebirth, sound baths, and a lot more enlightening exercises. All of these elements are put together to make us firmly believe this is an essential part of getting to the destination we are striving for in all our journeys. Destination inner bliss.


Good food feeds the soul

We at Inner Bliss travels believe that the food we consume has an immediate effect on our bodies and mind. Food is supposed to give you energy and make your body and soul smile. It’s supposed to make you happy from your spiritual body to your actual physical body. That’s why we offer a lot of good, healthy, nutritious, and of course delicious food. We focus on sustainable products from local farmers from the land around us. We’ll be enjoying vegan food served by the restaurant “ bij de tuinman”. Take a look at their website for mouthwatering pictures. Home – Bij de Tuinman Inner Bliss Travels believes healthy food will quiet the body and therefore clears the mind. A great foundation to build on. We’ll make sure you’ll enjoy every single meal and most of all make your body say ”thank you”. Let’s enjoy great food in great company. If you’re on a special diet, have allergies, or have preferences please let us know we’ll adapt to your needs. Let’s give our body the gratitude it deserves. We´ll start with the very basics but such an important fundament. Food.


Let everything around you reflect self-love

We only pick the top accommodation. To make sure that every part of your journey is comfortable and that you get the best result out of your trip. During this trip, you might have to reflect on this journey and go inwards. That’s why we believe it is important that you have a place where you are completely comfortable so you can reflect and let go. We’ve picked the most beautiful scenery and the most comfortable rooms. We got you covered. Just lay back and… enjoy. We’ll be staying in Hilversum in “ de Hoorneboeg”. Take a look at their website for more information about the location and rooms. In de Villa : Clubhuis – Grote Kamer – Zolder – De Hoorneboeg

About your host


Chanti will be your host during this retreat. Chanti is known as a warmhearted person with her attention in the right place. Her specialty lies in creating a safe space where you can easily open up. In this safe space, she dares you to dive within. Dive into places where you may have been afraid to look. Her strength is her ability to see exactly the places where you’ve been afraid to look and where you need to go in order to let your soul shine. With her warm and safe energy, she will softly guide right into these places. With more than 12+ years of experience as a coach, she knows exactly what is needed to create a safe environment where you can go to the deepest corners of your soul. Chanti is a 200hr Yoga Alliance certified Hatha yoga teacher. As she traveled to Thailand to dive deep into the deepest teachings of yoga. She lived for 8 months in Peru to dive deep into the shamanic teachings of the jungle. Currently, she lives in Bali but is born and raised in the Netherlands.

About your sound healer and space holder


Nathalie will be blessing us with sound healing during this weekend. She will also be a space holder. Nathalie is a certified holistic coach, reiki grandmaster, and sound healer. She is known as a very sweet person, who is able to make you feel safe, welcomed, and at home within seconds. Her specialty is creating a space where you feel seen, safe, loved, and accepted.


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May 12, 2023
May 14, 2023
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